Thursday, February 24, 2011

2010 garden; peppers and pinto beans

The years are a blur, personally.  I'm so busy with systems support, construction projects with a good friend, the ongoing rehab of our own ancient property and the garden system, it's good to stop and review what we accomplished doing what we enjoy the most:  growing food.  It helps to have the iPhone or Droid along to take photos from time to time, otherwise you forget what transpired over the year.

We started using our standard cage as an open hoop this year.  Dede used these on the peppers and pinto beans.  The pepper plants grow up into the fence and are supported as they begin to fruit and get top heavy.  The pinto beans stay off the ground.  Dede added sunflower stalks from previous years as an additional level of support to allow the pinto beans to keep climbing.

The pepper starts are planted and the cages are in place:

Forgive the weeds, but the peppers are emerging over the hoop at this point:

Fruit appearing:

The peppers are ready to harvest:

Pepper relish main ingredients are harvested or pulled from storage and prepared:

Pepper relish.  Note the Tattler lids:

Pinto beans:  We planted about 200 LF this year

Mulched and progressing, Dede had to water occasionally as the summer began it's annual dry stretch:

Welcome to the jungle!

Harvest season approaches.  We've collected the sunflower stalks each year and they provide poles to extend the bean vines:

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