Sunday, May 20, 2012

Raptor nest.

We are fortunate to have a healthy population of raptors in our area.  Although owls seem to be more unusual, over the last six years, red-tail hawks, an occasional Cooper Hawk are dominant.  Eagles are seen occasionally, as well, with the frequency of the Cooper Hawk sightings.  Unfortunately, the Cooper Hawk sightings have always corresponded with the loss of Guinea Fowl, or more recently, Henrietta, so we can't leave the 'birds' unprotected.

Every spring the Starlings use our small pine grove as a rookery, but their numbers are smaller this year.

An unusual call this morning has alerted me to a large nest in the center of the pines, and may explain why the chipmunks are all on alert.  It's a Raptor nest.  I have seen some activity, but so far cannot make out the species.

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