Friday, June 1, 2012

New plantings continue from the greenhouse:

18 Roma Tomatoes, ~40 more King of the North Peppers, 12 Cantaloupe and 3 Tomatillos...

Windy and hot with some tomato 4 inch pots with multiple plants that had to be split, so I screened the cages to minimize the wilt effects.  Everyone is doing very well two days later.
The "King of the North Peppers are abundant with some soil blocks taking a month to germinate.  I was about to give up on several trays and they finally germinated, so we'll plant them all!  Cool and rainy today.  The Cantaloupe are below, peppers to the right.

The Gravely starter has failed.  I'm going to try to muddle through with an alternate starter attempt.  There is a lot of ground that needs to be turned still.  The low tonight is forecast for 43.  The Tomatillos are planted at the pond this year, where we had squash and melons last year.

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